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Art Story

Safari Creature

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Our Woodland Creatures have been a favorite for years, so we decided to create a new line of Safari Creatures to cuddle!

G’day, Mate!  It’s our lovely friend from down unda.  The cutest and cuddliest of all fur babies, he is.  Compared to his cobbers, he’s the best of the bunch.  Always ready for a nap and a salad to snack on before curling up for another nap.  So climb on up and chill out with the best of all Marsupials.

Each koala pass through the hands of three woman + creates 1.5 to 2.5 hours of dignified work!

Materials: Locally-sourced fabrics in the markets of Moldova

Dimensions: 9" tall x 8" wide

Art Story | Survivor-Made | Moldova