Our Leadership Team

  • Sabrina Dorman-Andrew

    Sabrina Dorman-Andrew

    Co-founder + Executive Director

  • Steven Andrew

    Steven Andrew

    Co-founder + Warehouse Manager

  • Christina Swecker

    Christina Swecker

    Volunteer Coordinator + Shoppe Manager

  • Shannon Blosser

    Shannon Blosser

    Executive Assistant and Office + Event Coordinator

  • Mandy Lawson

    Mandy Lawson

    Communications + Development Coordinator

  • Caitlin Tice

    Caitlin Tice


Our Team Values

Authenticity, honesty, trust, righteousness, justice + integrity are the root of our ministry and all that flows through it.

Meet Our Board

Our Board of Directors is made up of passionate professionals in our community who ensure we're working toward our mission collaboratively + effectively.

New Creation Board Members

  • Renee Whitemore

    Renee Whitemore

    Board Chair

  • Raymond Gay

    Raymond Gay

    Past Board Chair

  • Sarah Prusak

    Sarah Prusak

    Board Member

  • Matthew Landis

    Board Treasurer

  • Mark Lee

    Board Secretary

  • Chris Johnson

    Board Member