Trafficking happens every day, in every country — including our own community.

Traffickers prey on vulnerabilities + especially target those who are experiencing extreme poverty + a lack of employment, which is why our organization is dedicated to addressing the issues that are most exploited.

Our Answer

When people hear about the scope of human trafficking they often feel overwhelmed, maybe even paralyzed to do something + we understand why. ⁠

Human trafficking is a global issue that can feel too large for any one person to solve.

But we believe each of us can make a difference, and New Creation is our answer.

We partner with more than 90 organizations on 5 continents around the world to rescue victims of trafficking + bring restoration through job training, dignified work + fair pay.⁠

And every time you shop with us, you become a part of that story.

Every Hour Counts

Every time you purchase one of the goods in our shoppe, you are changing the lives of real people from around the globe.

Each item that lines our shelves has moved through the hands of survivors + with your purchase, you help ensure additional hours of dignified work are provided—bringing financial stability that lifts these artisans and their families out of poverty.

Our shoppe is filled with stories of hope and redemption + a better, brighter future for survivors.