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Kantha Dish Cloth


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Our hand-stitched kitchen dish clothes are made out of 3 layers of recycled saree material. They are soft, absorbent, and fast drying! This product is for 1 Dish Cloth.

Each one is unique + varies in colors + patterns! Purchase one + we will surprise you!

Measurements: 11.5 in square

Material: Recycled Saree Fabric - You will notice that your kitchen towel is already well loved, displaying patches and small imperfections. That is what we love about remade saree products, that they bear the patches of the women who loved them first! And every new stitch tells the story of a women who is helping break the cycle of poverty for her family and community by using her skills to help provide for her family.

Care Instructions: Wash gently. Tumble Dry. Love Well.

Serrv | Fair Trade | India