Alabaster Sunrise Clay Earrings


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Adorn your ears this Spring with our beautiful new tiered polymer clay earrings! They are versatile because they are elegant yet relaxed, and could be worn casually or as an accessory for an event. They are light weight and long enough to make a statement but not too long that they are overwhelming. Appropriate for any age and the perfect pair of Spring earrings to give you an illuminating new look! + Thoughtfully crafted by refugees living in Houston.

About the artisan: Sancha is from the war-torn country of Bhutan, and her family was sent to a refugee camp in Nepal about 20 years ago for refuge. She came to the United States with her husband from the refugee camp in 2012 and lives in a refugee community in Houston. In 2014 Mercy House Global began providing work for refugees in Houston and developed a one on one relationship with Sancha. She uses the money she earns to provide for her family. Recently, Sancha took the steps to become a US citizen.

Materials: Polymer clay + stainless steel posts

Mercy House Global | Fair Trade | Houston, TX